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The pearl of the Mediterranean Coast with its festivals, art and sports events.

Antalya is a city of culture and tourism which welcomes many visitors every year with its rich historical background, sea, nature, climate, culture, art activities, shopping opportunities and a wide variety of eating and drinking places. The region of Antalya, called “Pamphylia” in ancient times, with a history of more than 10 thousand years, was home to many cultures and civilizations including those of Pisidia, Lycia, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. Attalos, the King of Pergamon who lived in 159 BC, gave the name “Attalia” to Antalya, and described it as a “paradise on earth” in recognition of the fertile soil, underground riches and the natural beauty of the city and its surroundings suffused in green and the blue.
Antalya, which has hosted many civilizations since ancient times, is also a center of science, culture and sports.

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